Full Site Content Updates

Posted on January 26, 2015 in Games

Wow it has been awhile! Fear not, I have been around but fiercely working on game development and haven’t posted an update here until now. Let’s look at what has changed:

Originally I had begun developing Don’t Be Dinner under the temporary team name ‘Team[ZERO]’. Since that name is very common I renamed the group and incorporated it as a company! The company is named Subject Matter Games and you can find a ton more at our website here. I am currently the primary developer under Subject Matter Games and officially titled the ‘Creative Director’ as I drive the product vision from start to finish. Subject Matter also released Don’t Be Dinner on the Windows 8 Store, visit my Project page for Don’t Be Dinner to find a video, screenshots, and a link to the store page.

Along with Don’t Be Dinner, Subject Matter Games announced our next project: Project Torment (working title). A new Project Torment page has been added to my Projects section, you can find that here along with some screenshots and a teaser trailer.

Across the entire site I have updated all sections with new information about Subject Matter and all my projects. As always, feel free to check out the Projects Page or my Resume. See you soon!