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Project Torment
(September 2014 - Shelved)


Project Torment is a narrative-driven third-person psychological horror game following a man named David as he searches for his wife and son after a brutal accident. Torment is being developed using Unity 5.

Currently Project Torment has been temporarily shelved due to budget restrictions.

Project Torment has a concept page on Steam Greenlight:

Project Torment on Indie DB


  • 3D Characters and Animations Created Using Markerless Facial and Body Motion Capture
  • Strong Narrative Driving Player Motivations
  • Melee Combat System Featuring Items To Help and Hurt the Player (Item Use Considered a 'Moral Decision' by the Player)
  • Full 3D World Featuring Linear and Open Environments
  • Item-based Puzzle Gameplay


Design Document:


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