Spacer Web and Trolls!

Posted on March 30, 2014 in Game Development

If you’ve stopped by the project page anytime recently you’ll notice a few new additions.  The first is a new project named Don’t Be Dinner!  Don’t Be Dinner (or, I suppose DBD, but that sounds kind of weird) is a small game based on dialogue trees and player choice.  You play as one of 5 knights as he stumbles upon a troll camp in the woods and tries to talk his way out.  Will he be eaten?  Will he slay the troll?  These outcomes and many more are found in Don’t Be Dinner!  (Coming soon)

The second addition to the projects section is the ability to play Spacer straight from your browser, no pesky download needed!  Of course, the desktop EXE is still available for download for you non-internet types.  You can find the Spacer web player here.

As always, game on.