Site Maintenance

Posted on August 22, 2013 in Site Update

Don’t worry I’m not dead!  I have been so focused on my career and personal projects that I haven’t had a moment to update this site.  No longer will this be a problem now that I have a fancy blog embedded into the homepage which you are reading right this very moment.

I am going to use this as my primary blog and will be bringing over some of the posts that I’ve written over at GeeksWithBlogs in the next few days.  Also, since this is all being continuously worked on please bear with me as I get the themes and links and everything sorted out.

As for personal updates, you’ll find in my next few posts that I’ve been running a slightly successful YouTube channel called PressToJoin that features reviews, let’s plays, and comedy all based around video games.  More recently I’ve begun working with the Unity 3D engine and will be starting a project there soon (in fact, that project will consist of the majority of blog posts, I reckon).