Super Wall Crash

(May 2015 - May 2016)

Welcome to destruction! Run forever in Super Wall Crash, a procedurally generated, randomly infinite runner. Nab coins, dodge pesky enemies, and slide by the obstacles in your way to reach the highest score possible and unlock super secret characters. Every run is brand new, created each and every second you keep running. Don’t worry about those walls, smashing through them gives you some excellent bonuses like more health, faster running speed, and more coins.

Get crashing, but be careful because everything is destructible, including you!


Procedurally generated world (runtime)
Unlockable character skins using in-game collectibles
Dynamic loading of class instances on start-up using parsed JSON files
Voxel based art style developed using Qubicle
Apple Store and Android Store integration (scoreboards, additional purchases)
Design patterns implementations include Singleton and Object Pooling patterns


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