Ball RPG

January 13, 2008 - July 16, 2008

I wanted to create a ‘Pong clone’ for my portfolio but realized a very basic example of Pong might help my programming but doesn’t do anything for the player? I decided to include RPG-style elements by using experience points (XP), point distribution and unlockable awards for performing different tasks in the game. The game was developed in C# with XNA and went through multiple iterations of RhinoXNA.


20 Levels (each 100 XP, total of 2,000 XP for all levels)
XP Amounts Determined by Final Game Scores
4 Skills to Place Points Into (2 Points per Level, 10 Skill slots per Skill)
4 Awards (“Achievements”)
Save Games with 3 Save Slots For Multiple Saves (with Auto Save)
2D Sprite and Font Support