KnocK Log #6: Otherworld, Inventory, and Plans

Posted on July 1, 2017 in Uncategorized

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted and update and for good reason, a lot of work has been happening on KnocK. Looking at the last post about getting more of the house model completed I’m shocked at how much I need to cover in this update. Here it goes…

First up, let’s look at the ‘blue bedroom’ which is the first room I built and the room I’m starting with detailing. A lot of new detail meshes have been added to this room including a bed, dressers, a desk, bookcases, closet doors, and a few other touches to start making it feel less empty and more like an actual bedroom. More work is going to be done in here as time goes forward but here’s a screen of it currently:

A good next item to talk about are the dressers and cabinets found around the room. Initially I hadn’t planned to have the drawers open/close, instead originally just texturing them on the front. However, as I built this small nightstand I decided I didn’t like the texture and tried making a drawer the player could open. Combined with some of the code I’ve been using for door opening and interaction made quick work of it. Now I have a reusable method to add drawers wherever I want.

Speaking of interaction, if you look closely on the bookshelf you’ll see a few colored books on the middle shelf. These books are only temporary but are the first instance of items you can pick up and store in your inventory. These books use reusable code to add them to your inventory so, similar to the drawers, doors, and lights, can be placed easily during development (hopefully making later development go much faster!). I just started the inventory yesterday so it’s extremely basic yet the Items tab can be interacted with and is functional!

(Obviously you won’t be carrying that many books)

Similar to my jam game ‘Night Light’, KnocK will have an Otherworld component to the game. This Otherworld (for those of you not familiar with Silent Hill) is a dark, hellish world unlike the home world you’ve seen so far. Obviously I’m quite inspired by Silent Hill in these next screenshots but these are just a few starting spots of this world. The core concept of KnocK will be traversing between the ‘Homeworld’ and the ‘Otherworld’.

As everything else I post, this is still very work in progress as I develop a visual style and unique gameplay. My plan going forward will be to develop a slice of the game (most likely the first section of the game) and release that as a demo. Hopefully I can get some early feedback that will help me decide the scope of the remaining game. I originally envisioned KnocK as 1-2 month project but as I developed I decided I like the style and gameplay so much that I could see expanding it into a larger game. Hopefully players agree with that when they try it 🙂

Welcome Home…