KnocK Log #5: Huge House Updates!

Posted on May 31, 2017 in Game Development

Since the last devlog a lot of work has gone into finishing up the base texturing of the interior of the house, creating the entire exterior (which includes the roof), and cleaning up a lot of the map to be split up into chunks instead of one massive object. For instance, look at these fancy room named game objects now!

Other rooms that have been started but still need a lot of detailing include the kitchen and the living room which now features a sliding glass door (and floor lamps):

And as I said before, the exterior is created (maybe needing more texturing detail) but isn’t lit very well yet so here is a shot of the front door…

…and added this cool looking dream-like surrounding that both contains the player within the map but also sets the game in a dream-like atmosphere (which works with what the game is about).

Welcome Home…