KnocK Log #3: Lights, Scripts, Details

Posted on May 20, 2017 in Game Development

Now that the house interior has been cleaned up (see last dev log) I am spending more time tweaking the lighting, texturing, and adding some basic scripting. First up, here’s a little screen of a lit bedroom. The textures have been changed to 16×16 because the repeating of 8×8’s seemed a little too repetitious.

Basic models were created for the light fixture, door, door frames, and light switch. The hall shows a little more of this work with more new fixtures and moody lighting.

While on the topic of lighting, one of a few new basic scripts are functioning. Light switches are now interactive and can be used to turn lights on and off (obviously).

Doors are also interactive, allowing you to walk up and open/close them (the crosshair changes as you look at things that you can interact with). Additionally, the doorways were reused as window frames even though more detail needs to be added for the window panes. Here are a few examples of the window frames.

Small other details are starting to be added to the walls like trim and such but for the most part it’s still very early. These rooms and areas will really start coming together as more furniture and details are added, which should be happening soon.

Until next time…