KnocK Log #2: Grey Box + Cleanup

Posted on May 17, 2017 in Uncategorized

Let’s talk about the progress made in the first two days of development on KnocK and how that impacts what is currently being worked on. The first two days included finding a suitable house map (blueprint) online and grey box mapping the house out, creating basic doorways, getting general heights laid out, etc. This method was done using the map on a plane similar to what’s seen in ProBuilder’s DOOM E1M1 recreation series.

After that I did some basic texturing and camera settings work to get a general look down. This is shown a little in the logo image but isn’t solidified so I won’t really share anything around that yet (texturing will all be redone anyways).

The issue with doing a basic grey box map and using extrusions over and over can lead to a very messy level with numerous unnecessary vertices, edges, and planes. Take a look at the following images and look at the large number of edges (lines) splitting floors, walls, ceilings into multiple parts for no reason.

Which leads to the work being done right now, which is to clean up the grey box interior of the house by merging the planes and vertices together to make a much cleaner model (which will then again be detailed later). Notice the smaller number of edges in the next image:

Overall this isn’t too difficult, it’s just a little repetitive. Additionally, since the walls are cleaner I’m adding in the general window holes for later placement. Finally, the interior is currently one model but to support certain future gameplay elements the rooms are being separated.

Until next time…