Adding Old Blogs

Posted on August 23, 2013 in Site Update

You’ll see in the next few days that I’ll be adding blog posts here as I bring over some of the larger posts from my old blog.  Most of these are game reviews or little code things I found here or there.  I’ll be adding them at the date they happened so you’ll have to go back in time to see them but I don’t think that’s such a big deal.

I’m also going to be continuing to refine the look of this blog integration.  While I like the ease of use, it’s just plain ugly.  I need to sit down and design the look and feel and try to coerce what style I can from PHP.

In game development news I hit a small bug in my sandbox and have simply been too busy with the website stuff to get back to it.  However, tomorrow morning I’m going to be playing a classic adventure game and studying it to try to understand the puzzle system and how I can intuitively incorporate some of those design concepts into my game.  I might start a vlog for this development, ala Ben Kane style, what do you think?